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Here rules to respect to become site partner of Manga Exchange :

- Your site will not have to present contents racist, heinous, illegal, or sexual.

- Only a site treating or related to the japanimation (mangas, animates, Japan, conventions, fanart & fanzines, Jap music) will be accepted.

- The administrator of the system reserves the right to block (see to remove) any site. The possible reasons are : the site has not been useful any more of the system for more than 45 days, the site disappeared, the leading line is not any more in adequacy with the system of exchange, the site ceased respecting the payment, etc.

- Any site trying to cheat will be banished definitively.

- The validation of your site takes a few days, thank you to have patience

- The validation will be carried out only if you insert code HTML on your site (cf the FAQ for all questions about code HTML) and if you charged a banner.

- The banner of the system must be quite visible on your site !

- The stats brought back by the system constitute the base of any appeciation, they are considered reliable and cannot be disputed.