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Frequently Asked Questions

[Q] : How to post the banner of the system on my site ?
[A] : While inserting in your page code HTML available on your account. It is single, if you take that of another, you will increase the stats of the other.

[Q] : My site has which had banners, that wants to say what ?
[A] : That the system did not post yet your own banner as much of time than you posted the others. The system owes you of the banners, it will post you until so that this meter is null.

[Q] : When my banners will be posted ?
[A] : Very of access your site must be validated. As long as your account of banners due is higher than zero, your banners are posted on the sites of the system. With each time your banner is posted, your account of banners due decreases by 1. Logic not ?

[Q] : What does it do without when my account banners due is to zero ?
[A] : Nothing. The system does not owe you of banners, it is all.

[Q] : Does Manga Exchange use this system of exchange ?
[A] : Yes, on all the pages ! If you want to profit from the notoriety of Manga Exchange, it is enough for you to register your site.

[Q] : Which has to be the size of my banner ?
[A] : The size of this one must be of 468x60 pixels. Format : GIF (animated authorized), PNG or JPEG. Recommended maximum weight: 18 Ko. Authorized maximum weight : 40 Ko.

[Q] : Is there a risk which the system posts my own banner on my site ?
[A] : Fortunately, not ! That cannot occur.

[Q] : Where can I insert the banner of the system ?
[A] : Where you want ! On the banner page for example, the home page, etc... the banner of the system must be quite visible on your site and more it will be posted on various pages of your site, plus you will gain postings.

[Q] : Can I post the banner of the system several times by page ?
[A] : Not, a banner by page. By posting a banner in top of each you page made the best choice.

[Q] : I use on my site a manager of banners, who chooses among a list which banner to post. Does that pose problem ?
[A] : Not none. You post who and when you want. But not of refresh automatic every 5 seconds... if not BAN !

[Q] : Can I use an automatic refresh banners ?
[A] : Yes but 30 seconds is the accepted minimum. The members privileges of the exchange of banners can activate the refresh in a click since their account !

[Q] : I move/renovate my site, therefore I can't post the banner of the system during a few days. Is this a problem ?
[A] : For a few days, not. But after 45 days of inactivity, it is the suppression of your account.